Aikido in Victoria

State Area Representative

Linda Godfrey Sensei (6th dan)

Sugano Shihan personally appointed Linda Godfrey Sensei (6th dan) to the role of Victorian Area Representative. She has overall responsibility for the state.

Assistant Area Representatives

Ray Oldman Shihan (7th dan)

Assistant Area Representative

Leon Metzeling Sensei (6th dan)

Assistant Area Representative

Michael Nagle Sensei (5th dan)

Assistant Area Representative

Adrianne Cleaver Leong (3rd dan)

Assistant Area Representative
Member Protection Officer

Sugano Shihan also personally appointed Ray Oldman Shihan (6th dan), Leon Metzeling Sensei (6th dan), and Michael Nagle Sensei (5th dan) to the role of Assistant Area Representatives, each of whom oversee a key area of responsibility within the state. Adrianne Cleaver Leong (3rd Dan) was appointed as an additional Assistant Area Representative and Member Protection Officer.

Key State Roles

Bill Birnbauer Sensei (5th dan)

Member Protection Officer

Charles Addison (3rd dan)

Childrens Coordinator

David Bell Sensei (4th dan)


Diana Hope (2nd dan)

Secretary and Public Officer

The role of Member Protection Officer is appointed by the State Area Representative. As well as Adrianne Cleaver Leong, Bill Birnbauer Sensei was also appointed to this role. The role of Childrens Coordinator is also appointed, which is currently filled by Charles Addison.

The roles of Treasurer and Secretary are voted in at the Annual General Meeting, usually held in August. Currently, David Bell Sensei and Diana Hope hold these roles respectively.

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