Beginner FAQ

What classes are good for me to join?

Aikido Victoria offers classes across the state every day of the week. Some dojos offer classes that are  especially aimed at basics and beginners classes, but every class welcomes new starters. Please see our Class Times for these details.

How much does it cost?

Is it necessary to buy a uniform?

A long sleeved T Shirt and tracksuit pants are suitable to wear in the first month of training. No jewellery is allowed. Refer also to the New Student Information Handbook for further information.

A uniform is a financial investment. Should you wish to purchase one, Aikido Australia offers them through our online shop

There are two fees to consider – national membership fees and training fees.

The national membership fee is required to be paid up front before training can begin. 

For new members, we recommend starting with a once-off, 3 month introductory membership. If you wish to continue training past your first 3 months, you can sign up for an annual membership, start from that date. Membership covers all dojos in Victoria and Australia.

Training fees are what you pay for the class. You can sign up for a training subscription online or pay in cash on the day.

View Class Training Fees here.

Do I need to book a class?

A booking is not required in order to watch a class. Visitors are required to watch a class before their first training session. The instructor will come and talk with you either during or after the class. 

Other questions?

If there is anything else that we haven’t covered, please feel free to email or call your nearest dojo or click here for general enquiries.

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