2023 Calendar of Events

Our calendar of events has been updated for 2023!

Check it out and subscribe on Google Calendar.

Please note that some of our usual events have changed dates and even venues. Events are subject to change, so please continue to check your registered email address for event notices and on our Facebook page. 

You must be a current Aiki Kai Australia member to train at any of our events.

Click here to download the PDF version – please note this document may not be updated if last minute changes occur.

COVID Safety and Training Events

All attendees at Aikido Victoria training events, especially grading candidates and their ukes, are still required to provide photographic proof of a negative RAT result, taken on the day.

This precaution – while not perfect – will give us all some assurance that training can be more like we were used to before the pandemic. It will give us more confidence that students and instructors can train without masks and to a more usual level of physical intensity.

Please do a RAT on the day of the event, and make sure you take a photo of your negative result to show the admin team before entering the dojo.

You do not need bring the actual RAT kit itself. Limited numbers of RATs may be available at the dojo – please do not depend on them being available, especially at dojos other than Clifton Hill. Each event is run by volunteers from that dojo, so please continue to be kind to them.

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