(Effective as of 1st June 2023)
Training fees are paid in addition to the National Aiki Kai Australia Membership fee. 
Students must be current members of Aiki Kai Australia to train: See here for full details

Click here to download the training fees flier with more details and a FAQ.

Please note: Concession rates must be approved by the State Area Representative in writing. 


Changes to Training Fees - June 2023 Update

Due to rising rental costs for our dojos, and funding state-wide initiatives such as bringing Aikido Victoria into the modern online era, training fees will be increasing as of June 1st, 2023.

This is the first time fees have increased since 2016. Since then, we have made significant improvements to our website and online capability, such as launching the TRAKR training attendance app and online payments for training subscriptions and events. We also kept ourselves running as best we could during COVID through to where we are now. Aikido Victoria further supports instructors such as providing accredited first aid training, purchasing way more cleaning and sanitation supplies than we used to, as well as simply paying rent and facilities costs for the dojos.

Note: There are no changes to training subscription fees and payment methods for University dojos at this time. If you train at both Uni and non-Uni dojos, the fees are separate and non-transferable. Further notice will be sent when this changes.


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