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Beginner FAQ

What classes are good for me to join?

Aikido Victoria's Clifton Hill Dojo offers classes every day of the week. The classes are generally split into regular/ basics classes and more advanced classes (recommended for students who have trained for a couple of years).

Beginner's Instructors

Simon Pearce
Simon Pearce
(Yon Dan)
Brunswick Dojo
David Bell
Dave Bell
(San Dan)
Caulfield Dojo
Joe Giavannazo
Joe Giavanazzo
(Yon Dan)
Clifton Hill Dojo

How much does it cost?

There are two fees to consider - membership fees and training fees.

The membership fee is required to be paid upfront before training can begin There are two types of fees - an interim fee for new members and an annual fee fro ongoing members. The interim membership fee lasts for three months, and should the student wish to continue with aikido, this fee can be converted towards an annual fee. The yearly fee is paid from 1st July to the 30th June of each year. Membership covers all dojos in Victoria and Australia.

Training fees are paid at each class. Clifton Hill Dojo offers a daily / monthly fee option, depending upon the number of classes that the student trains. The beginner's course has an all inclusive membership/ training fee.

View Victorian Training Fees here.

Is it necessary to buy a uniform?

A long sleeved T Shirt and tracksuit pants are suitable to wear in the first month of training. A uniform can be a financial investment. No jewellery is allowed. Refer also to the New Student Information Handbook for further information.

Do I need to book a class?

A booking is not required in order to watch a class. Visitors are welcome to come sit by the side of the training mat and watch a class. The instructors may come and introduce themselves and talk a little bit about aikido if they have time during the class. However, questions can be answered with more time at the end of the class.

Other questions?

If there is anything else that we haven't covered, please feel free to email or call your nearest dojo listed on our website or click here for general enquiries.