As we continue to adjust to the changes that COVID is bringing us, most dojos are offering training on an adjusted schedule. click here for more information.
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Incident Report Form

Incident Report FormIncident Report Process
Incident Report FormIncident Report Form
Incident Report FormMat Accident Procedure

General Documents

Victorian Member Analysis 2012Victorian Member Analysis 2012
Childrens Aikido Classes - Information FlyerChildrens Aikido Classes - Information Flyer
Junior Classes - Parents Permission FormJunior Classes - Parents Permission Form
Aikido Victoria New Student HandbookAikido Victoria New Student Handbook
Membership Notes for InstructorsMembership Notes for Instructors
AikiKai BrochureQuestions you may have about Aikido - AikiKai Brochure
AikiKai Pre-Dojo HandoutPre-Dojo Handout - AikiKai Brochure
Aikido Vic ConstitutionThe Aikido Victoria Constitution

Kyu Grade Grading and Informational Documents

Kyu Grading Syllabus DocumentKyu Grading Syllabus
Kyu Grading ProtocolKyu Grading Protocol
Kyu Grading FormKyu Grading Form

Dan Grade Grading and Informational Documents

Dan Grading ProtocolDan Grading Protocol
Dan Grading FormDan Grading Form
TTC RequirementsTTC Info and Requirements