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Training Fees

Training fees (effective 1st January 2019)

These fees are in addition to the National Membership fee.
Students must be members of Aiki Kai Aust. See here for full details
Please note: Nominated instructors can authorize concession rates on proof of concession status.

Clifton Hill Dojo

Monthly *
Direct Deposit Details *:
BSB: 063 225
ACC: 10049834
*Unlimited classes charged per calendar month. MUST be paid in advance, by direct deposit from January 1 2016. More details are available via Clifton Hill Dojo.
Daily (Friday)
Special Days (full day / class)
$30.00 / $20.00
Concession & Instructor
$20.00 / $15.00
TTC Weekend (2 days / 1 day)
$40.00 / $30.00
Concession & Instructor
$30.00 / $20.00

Other Dojos

Training fees vary

$11.00 - $13.00
$7.00 - $11.00


Children's Classes

Term Fees are based on the number of classes per week attended per child with the following structure:

No Classes / Week
Standard / Concess
1 class
$110.00 / $90.00
2 classes
$180.00 / $150.00
3 classes
$275.00 / $230.00

Term Fees must be paid within the first week of each Term. Once payment is made (on the first day of training), please bring a copy of the receipt as proof of payment as it will be required to be shown to your local Instructor.

These term fees applies exclusively to students attending "children or teenagers" classes. Teenagers participating in "general/adult" classes will continue paying their contribution according to their local Dojo fees system. Please Note that Special day of training and grading fees are to be paid separately on the day of the event.