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Sugano Sensei Memorial School Videos, Melbourne 2011

The Aikido Foundation funded the filming of each of the classes held at the 2011 Sugano Sensei Memorial school held in Melbourne.

Our Victorian area rep. Linda Godfrey Sensei was assisted by Geoff Savage Sensei, Felicia Birman Sensei, Ray Oldman Sensei and Michael Nagle Sensei to help select the 2-3 minute extracts that are up on Youtube. It took an enormous amount of time to select the footage so a big thanks to all of those involved.

This is of course part of the Foundation's expanding role in promoting the teaching of Sugano Sensei's heritage, at the same time as promoting the Aiki Kai, its instructors and the wealth of international instructors who share Sugano Sensei's heritage who have come to Australia.