RMIT University Dojo no longer affiliated with Aiki Kai Australia

Note: this message is intended for the general Aikido Victoria community. A similar message was sent to members who have RMIT as their home dojo. If you are a university student who regularly trains at RMIT, but have not received the other email with more specific details, please contact us at and we will forward it to you.

Effective as of 22nd April, 2024, RMIT dojo is no longer an affiliated dojo with Aiki Kai Australia (AKA). This is due to RMIT dojo being unable to require all students be financial members of AKA due to needing to allow non financial members to train as per RMIT Uni requirements. As this does not comply with the rules as defined by the TTC for an Aiki Kai Australia affiliated dojo, that is, that every student must be which requires every student to be a financial member of the AKA in order to train, their affiliation has been removed.

For grading purposes, any days of training at RMIT will be recognised up until 21 April, 2024. Any training or instruction undertaken at RMIT after this date will not be recognised.

Should the situation change, and RMIT choose to and be able to follow adhere to all the rules and practices of AKA, they would be most welcome to re-affiliate.

A special thanks to instructors Richard Leong, Russell Boon and Shravan Bhurtun for many years of instructing on behalf of Aikido Victoria.

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