Summer School 2024 Dan Gradings and Promotions 

Aikido Victoria would like to congratulate and thank everyone from Tasmania for running Summer School 2024. It’s no small undertaking, and by all accounts, was a fantastic national school.

We also congratulate the following Victorian students on their dan gradings and promotions:

Borath En – shodan
Yusuke Sato – nidan
Ferran Barbena-Pous – nidan
Joe Giovinazzo Sensei – godan

and with the greatest pleasure:
Uncle Ray Oldman Shihan – nanadan

An official notice will be sent out shortly for our next Special Day of Training on Saturday February 3rd. It won’t just be a usual Reflections of Summer School, it will also be a celebration of Uncle Ray Sensei’s achievements, training, and his lifelong commitment to aikido. A social event (probably dinner at a local pub) will follow the training. More details to come, all are very welcome!

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