Training Fees Update – Online Subscriptions and Fee Increase

Many of our students and community members have been asking for the ability to make online payments or ongoing training subscriptions. And so with great pleasure, we are announcing the launch of the Aikido Victoria online payments platform as of June 1st, 2023!

You’ll find everything you need to know about it here on our Aikido Victoria website under Dojos & Fees > Fees

On this page, you will be able to access the payments platform to:

  • Purchase weekly, monthly, 3 monthly or 6 monthly training subscriptions
  • Children’s term subscriptions are also available
  • Purchase daily training, special events and TTCs 
  • Pay for kyu gradings
  • Download the user guide

The way our training subscriptions work is like most other online subscriptions or gym memberships. Purchasing a training subscription (even a daily one) allows you to train at any of our dojos in Victoria for one fee, as many times as you like.

With classes available every single day, and a standardised fee across the state, this means it’s even easier to just get on the mat and focus on Aikido!

Cash payments for single classes will still be accepted on the day, however the training subscriptions are more cost-effective. In addition the online payments platform is integrated with TRAKR so instructors can see the up to date status of your payment.

We hope as many students as possible take advantage of the online payments for the June TTC weekend (3-4 June) with John Rockstrom Shihan.

We sincerely thank and credit these hard working people for making this leap to the current technology age possible:

  • Mark Turner Sensei – the creator of TRAKR
  • Cattle Dog Digital – the professional group that also managed our website update
  • Linda Godfrey Sensei – the sponsor of these projects and our State Area Representative for making this possible
  • Our brave pilot group from GWD, CHD, Bendigo and Mornington for testing the platform before launch 

Training Fees Increase

At the same time, due to rising rental costs for our dojos, and funding state-wide initiatives such as bringing Aikido Victoria into the modern online era, training fees will be increasing as of June 1st, 2023.

This is the first time fees have increased since 2016. Since then, we have made significant improvements to our website and online capability, such as TRAKR and launching our new online training fee subscriptions. We also kept ourselves running as best we could during COVID through to where we are now. Aikido Victoria further supports instructors such as providing accredited first aid training, purchasing way more cleaning and sanitation supplies than we used to, as well as simply paying rent and facilities costs for the dojos.

The new fee structure and access to the online payments platform is also on our Fees page.

A large benefit to making training fees standard across the state is that we can now offer the ability to purchase training subscriptions online. Just like other online subscriptions (eg: gym memberships, streaming services like Netflix, etc), this means you pre-pay for a daily, monthly or 3-6 monthly period, and train as much as you like, wherever you like.

Note: There are no changes to University dojos payments at this time. If you train at both Uni and non-Uni dojos, your Aikido Victoria training subscription will cover you for both. If you usually only train at a University dojo, please continue using your current payment platform.

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